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LND Party BandThe LDN Party Band

There ain’t no party like an LDN party! Bringing you a selection of the best musicians in London town, this 6-11 piece band is the perfect way to make your event truly memorable. From the smooth work of Bruno Mars to the funky rap of the Sugarhill Gang, we play a wide variety of upbeat genres to suit your event! We aren’t like the wedding bands you’re used to, LDN are extremely flexible to play exactly the kinds of music that you want to hear at your wedding. We love to get out in the crowd and get the guests dancing and to make sure your party is still pumping right until the end of the night!

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Creative Boutique Fair (88)

Specialising in vintage favourites…I will create a memorable playlist for your big day, from the sit down meal to the last few slow dances at the end of your fabulous day. If you’re not too sure what music or era to choose, then I can help you pick the perfect music to create the atmosphere you want to create for your wedding.

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Playing Jazz standards & Jazz exceptions, this Jazz Trio knows how to Ella, Billie, Nat, Nina… and Motorhead to boot. Original and artful arrangements of popular Jazz classics are fronted with big bold and beautiful vocals.
noel Qualter
Since 2001 Noel has performed at hundreds of weddings all over the UK at some of the most desirable venues such as Hampton Court Palace, The Shard, Royal Opera House, Babington House and Highclere Castle. Amazing close up magic will stun your guests and get everybody chatting! A really great ice breaker. ‘That’s amazing, I’ve never seen anything like that before!’ Jonathan Ross. ‘Fantastic trick Noel, you really are on the cutting edge of magic, there is no precedent for that’, Penn & Teller.